It's Hexie Friday

I've a very busy day tomorrow so since it's only a couple of hours for the start of Friday here, I'm going to post my Hexie Friday progress now.
Got my third flower done and prepped the next center.  I'd hope to work on the first block but ran out of time.
Here are the three in an approximate layout for the block.  You can probably guess where this is going. Feel free to guess.
In case you didn't see it, go on over to Quilt Inspiration - they have some fabulous vintage hexie quilts in a recent post.  Love it!
Have you been working on a hexie project?  Have an old one or future one you can share? Or one you spotted on the Web?  We'd love to see it.  You can see Billie's progress/or not (we've both agreed this post was as life leaves us time) at her blog. So far these Friday eye candy links have been inspiring us to move along on our hexie hand piecing projects.  Here's the linky button:


  1. I just started making hexies - love the process. It works right into evening TV - helps me not to eat all evening and keeps me awake. Now you show up in my life with a Hexie Friday! It's getting better all the time!

  2. looking good. I didn't get around to adding any hexies to my top this week.


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