Wow - Fabric Tuesday

Happy to report I've finished my FMN morning glory block for now.
I fused and positioned the flower heads and embroidered the tendrils.  I've decided to save the rest of the thread work for when I quilt this.  Now to start the Crown of Thorns block.

I'm linking over to Connie's Linky Tuesday and Lyn's BOMs Away as this is a BOM block.  What are you working on?


  1. Nice job - hey - for the leaf veins, did you free-motion stitch those, or just regular sewing? I'm having the dickens of a time figuring out how to free-motion stitch on my fusible applique, which is really strange, because I have no problem free-motion quilting! I can't get the foot to let things slide if I have my machine in sewing mode with the feed dogs down, but if I put it in free-motion quilting mode, there's way too much slack on the foot/thread. . . really frustrating me.

    1. Like McKenna Ryan, I use the straight stitch to thread paint my applique pieces.

  2. So beautiful, Angie! Since you asked, I'm working on updating my quilting website ( and blog. It takes up valuable time at the sewing machine. Ha!

  3. This one came out real good! can't wait to see the finished quilt!!


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