Friday Finish

I finally gave in and started a hexie project.  I had seen so many beautiful ones online that they finally got to me.  That and the wonderful tutorials out there for making them. One of my favorites is by Becky Goldsmith - she shows you how to use a glue pen and that makes it go fast! Go here to see it.
And here's the one I finished (well, at least the first row - phew! Remember this is new to me):
And of course, I started with one of the smallest templates.  These measure 1/2" on the side, but that's what the pattern I chose calls for.  Now for you hexie veterans a question.  When do I take out the papers?  The center one alreay popped out when I was adding the last ones in the row.  Should I leave the others in until I attach to the background?  TIA!

And I made a lot more progress on my morning glory block:
The flowers are just placed so I could see how they looked with the background.  I have seen some this color on my daily walks. They're on a fence around a senior apartment complex.  I have had white ones and lavender ones in my garden in previous years, but they take up so much water, I've stopped planting them.  Actually, I don't have to as there are so many volunteers. Now these on the block are in very rudimentary stage. I still have to glue down the ridges in the centers and then do some thread work . Then they'll be ready to fuse to the block. You can see at my previous post how speedy I got with this one and see my giveaway too.

I'm linking over to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday. Lots of beautiful finishes over there.


  1. Hola!!
    No quito los papeles hasta después de montar el top y me gusta planchar los hexágonos antes de montar la flor( como la que tienes puesta),me resulta más fácil de coser.Feliz fin de semana!!

  2. I have a hexie project started a long time ago in a bag somewhere.....might have to pull mine out as well. Love the flowers you have in place.

  3. Love your applique'. As to the hexies...I'm no expert by any means, but I can give you a tip or two that I've learned. First: punch a hole in the center of the paper hexie before basting the fabric around it. It's so much easier to remove the papers if you can slip the tip of something into the hole and lift out the paper. I use a blunt tweezer.
    Second: I left the paper in until all sides of each hexie is attached to another. The final outside edge is removed when I'm ready to sandwich & finish. I hope this is helpful. Aren't these hexies addictive? Love them! Can't wait to see what your pattern looks like.

  4. hexies are so much fun. It is best to leave the papers in until you get some put together. It is okay that the center one came out. Have fun making them.

  5. I just watched to video on the sew line pen and that is pretty cool. thanks for sharing the link.

  6. I love doing hexies. I watched the video too and I am going to give the pen a try. I may actually get some more done this week! Love your morning glory block also.


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