Applique Thursday Not..... Again

Sigh - the siege of "things to do" is over and I'm pooped!  Hardly any quilting done, too tired.  After my 2 hour nap after getting back from St. Anne's, I went outside and found solace in plants starting to bloom. 

 Here is my yellow Lady Banks bursting into bloom.

And the geraniums are starting to blossom too!
So restful.  Dinner is steak, mash potatoes and sautéed brussel sprouts.  Yumm.  Maybe tomorrow I'll feel quilt energized again.  What are you up to? 


  1. You are making me hungry. My supper has already worn off...:)

    Grandkids are still here through Saturday.....I'm still doing laundry.

  2. LOL - I sent all of it home to the various moms. That's what I did with the laundry. I'll eventually strip beds and wash that.

  3. You are so lucky, here we still have snow on the ground, and they are calling for more next Tueday, had to believe some times that spring is just around the corner.


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