Another WOW!

I had 7 days of 4 grandkids in the last 9 days  - 3 of those 24/7! so this was the last thing I've done. Do go over the Esther's blog for this week's WOW and see the fabulous flower blocks she and others have made for the Forget Me Not BOM that is coming to a close.

PS: The telephone repairman said it was a wonder we had any telephone and internet service from the mess that was in the junction box. He worked two hours on it - even put a new wire from the pole to the house.  I do believe my NET is faster - woo hoo!


Our 4 Grandkids come Sunday and are still here....grin....probably through next Sunday. They are older now so it's not too hard on Grandma....9-14.

It's a Spring Break thing for the cousins to get together.
Carrie P. said…
nothing like faster internet!
lots of fun time spent with the grandkids!
Rosa said…
Eso se ve genial y lo más importante es que has disfrutado de tus nietos.