Getting it Done for January

I accepted the Getting it Done Challenge by Judy and the Nothing but UFO's challenge by Carrie.  Here's what I got done in January:

1. Piece the 4 blocks I have left to do for our Guild's Memories of Riverside BOM. Then I'll be ready for when Susan gives us the flimsie directions in February.  Done!
2. Make the Easy Street units into a flimsie. 3/4ths done
3. Quilt the UFO I finally finished (started in 1997) in the last few days while I've had to sit and keep my leg elevated. no progress
4. Sandwich my Watching All the Birds Go. no progress

Judy got a lot done!  Congrats, Judy - and love Addie's quilt - it's so cute.  So did Carrie! What role models we have!

Judy asked how we felt about having goals.  They kept me centered through this whole month that hardly gave me any time to quilt.  And I can see in order to make time for life, I need to set less goals so that I can feel better at the end of the month of what got done or not.  So for February, I'm only listing three goals and see how that goes.

1. Finish the Easy Street units and set them up for a QAYG project.

2. Quilt the UFO I finally finished (started in 1997) in the last few days while I've had to sit and keep my leg elevated.

3. Finish the applique on Anna's Garden Block 5 I started last year.

I'm linking to Judy's post at Patchwork Times for Getting it Done and Carrie's Nothing But UFOs.  Come on over and see how others did.


  1. Everyone is trying to finish everything this year....does that mean I need a finish???....grin.

  2. Do worry about your finishing everything on your list. That Easy Street takes loads of time -- ask me how I know! Every bit of progress is one step closer to getting it done.

  3. My dad always said that your reach should exceed your grasp, so by that standard, your January goals were great. It sounds like things interfered with your quilting time, too, and we can't always plan for that. But you did make progress! Without goals, you might have done far less.

  4. Eevery month is different, and everyone's time is different. I am finding the goal setting to be helpful. Glad you are, too.

  5. I think 3 is a good start. I might have too many this month but some are just finishing a block so I think I will be good. Good luck.

  6. You had a great January. I will give you a big [at on the back. Don't stress. this is suppose to be FUN. XX Kathleen


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