Applique Thursday Giveaway 10/4/12

Sorry this is later in the day than normal.  Had a 7:30 AM doctor appointment in Opthamology.  He said I have dry macular degeneration and prescibed special vitamins for it.  Comes with age.  Then DH took me to breakfast and then on the way home, we stopped at the shot clinic and got a flu shot. A busy morning.

Finally made some significant progress on my 4th Anna's Garden block.  Just have two pieces to add.
I love my other applique bom blocks, but the number of pieces intimidate me.  I must get back to Esther's Forget me Not.  Haven't heard from Cassandra.  Wonder if my email went into a spam folder.  I'll email her again, and if don't hear from her, I'll be drawing another name for that book offered two weeks ago.  This week's winner is Amy from Amy's Crafty Shenanigans.  Congratulations, Amy!  I've sent you an email.

This week's giveway is for an applique book.  Imagine that!  Lots of info in this one. Jan is very detailed while letting you create your own projects from the elements she uses to teach the method.  I fell in love with this bright flower on the cover.

To win this copy, all you need to do is comment or link to have a chance for it to be yours. Or do both and have two chances. Submissions end Wednesday night. Use the blue link below. And remember, it doesn't have to be applique (that you share that is) - I love all sorts of eye candy.

And since I will be trying this reverse method, I'm linking to Melissa's TNT also.  Go see what others are trying, too.


It is not beautiful hand work like yours but it's still applique. My Dad has the same dry MDE like you and he too takes vitamins. Nothing has change for him in the past year. Very slow and I hope the same with you.
Mommarock said…
Oooh I actually did some applique this week!! Whoo hoo for me! Here is a link to my Bejeweled Wedding Ring work I have all of the 588 jewels made and the 50 more for the yellow centers. Wow that was some work. Now I just have to applique them all to the wedding bands. Okay.. that will take SOME time.
Vitamins are amazing things - glad this is all you need to do.

And thank you - I got your email and am thrilled to be last week's winner!
Wow Angie that is so excellent!!! How are you getting your pieces so exact. That pink middle is perfect.
Linda said…
Julie said…
I love applique quilts -- still am learning. Thanks.
Auntjunifer said…
I am working on Esther's BOM too. I am enjoying it so much.
Your appliqué block is very pretty.
I'd love to learn about this technique. Thanks for sharing!
rvquilter said…
I Love Applique :) just can't seam to find enough time........looking forward to cooler weather, longer evenings for my handwork!
thanks for the great giveaway
Cyn ;-) said…
Currently, I'm finishing up some pieced projects, but applique is my all-time-fave! I have some BA blocks languishing in the closet just waiting for me to finish them.
Sorry to hear about your eye... hope the doc can help you.
Thanks for op to enter your drawing. I am a follower and love your blog.
Marcia W. said…
Thank you for the opportunity to win a good book on applique. Reverse applique would be such fun to learn, and intriguing. No photos this week as also spent time in Drs. offices. My father had an eye condition similar to yours, and we put special drops in his eyes. It seemed to make him more confortable.
Karen said…
Angie -- your applique piece is beautiful!

Hope things work out well with your eyes.

Sending healing thoughts your way!
Gill said…
Glad to hear you got your flu shot! I get mine next week!
Another great book - Thank you!
Connie said…
Beautiful applique and I know my doctor just put me on 50,000 mil of Vitamin D for my bones. Hopefully your vitamins will help!
Finally got out my needleturn project for a little work on it! I had forgotten how hard it can be... some of these little pieces, it's worse than wrestling with an alligator!!!
Mimi said…
I love the look of applique especially needle turned... must make even a small project soon!!
Carrie P. said…
love the fabric you are using.
I have the book so please don't enter me.
Linda said…
judith said…
I think reverse applique is beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win. I love your work.
Sallie said…
I was just reading about reverse applique in a quilt magazine at the library. Thanks for the giveaway!