WIP Wednesday 7/4/12

Happy 4th!  At mass today we prayed for our nation and its leaders and citizens, for those who defend her and those who uphold her.  In God we Trust.

We had our barbeque Sunday at my daughter's house. So today all we're doing is hanging out and then watching our city's fireworks' display from our back yard.  They set them off not far from us as we live on the south slope of the mountain used for this entertainment.  This is a blessing and a curse.  It's a blessing because it's like having front row seats for this and we don't have to drive anywhere. It's a curse because every year they manage to start a fire on the mountain from some too low bursting firework and then the SHOW really begins.  Fortunately, in the 43 years we've been here only once did they tell us to get ready to evacuate. And then we really didn't have to. Phew!

I found my next NewFo.  I was sorting through this box:
Those are strips of various sizes mostly of one fabric collection.  I've made several charity quilts from this box.  Yet it seems never ending! So as I rummaged I was able to find enough strips to make 24 more of these:

So I bundled strips into 24 sets. I only need 2 strips wof and the red square to make this block.  The strips can be any width more than 1 1/2" wide.  That's the beauty of the trim tool - you don't have to cut all those rectangles for a log cabin block.  Saves a ton of time.  If I get it done on time, hope to have a silent auction at our church's Christmas boutique to buy batting for St. Anne's Sewdality quilts. We make baby quilts for low income first time mothers.

Now that I've gotten this far, I'll have to lay it aside because I have to make 2 baby quilts for a set of twin girls.  This is for a family friend we've know since she was a baby.  And the shower is at the end of July.
Off to assemble the top of one.  I'll show you pics later after the shower.

I'm linking to Esther's WOW linky.  Do go over and see what other quilters are doing.


  1. How fun is that log cabin block out of scrap strips!!! What is the "trim tool" you are talking about? I might need to look into that :*)

    Happy 4th!!!

  2. You are making me want one of these rulers. I'm trying to be good....If I cave, I'm telling Big Mickie, it's your fault....giggle.

    Happy 4th

  3. Amen and AMEN to your and my prayers.
    Nice block Angie.
    How big is the block and what is the tool again?
    ENJOY the show, I have to drive and fight all the other onlookers to see it.

  4. Love those colours in the logcabin block, some one is going to be very happy to win that in a raffle. Love the idea of making those baby quilts for the needy. Cheers Glenda

  5. Those are really gorgeous log cabins - love the gold on them!


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