Applique Thursday

Hello, I'm almost late in posting this but have been working on that first Anna's Block

Added the dreaded circles and stitched down pink flower, main flower, basket and a few greens. Phew!

What I did with this block was cut out freezer paper templates that I placed the dull side of the freezer paper on the wrong side of the fabric and ironed the seam allowance onto the shiny side. Once stitched in place you cut out the background and remove the paper. I did that for the big pieces, but for the small ones (the stems) I took out the freezer paper and lightly glued down the seam allowance. Then I pressed the pieces in place to then applique down or pin.

So far I'm not liking this method as much as I like back basting for placement. Look at that basket -  it looks kind of wonky.  Maybe some of the illusion will go away when I square the block to the 7 1/2" square - hope, hope, hope.
There is a winner for the 5" batick charm!  Win one by leaving comment or link or both (for two chances). Last week's winner was Rosa - all the way in Spain.  Congrats, Rosa!

--Would love to see your eye candy!


  1. I see you have another beautiful flower started. It's just Lovely Angie.

  2. I use the freezer paper and starch method. Seems to work great for me.

  3. I appreciate you giving a "real world" review of a method--so often I read that everything just goes perfectly, and that's not the way it happens in my life. :)

  4. Your new flower is pretty. No photos from me today. I have the center of a large baby quilt cut and ready for sewing.

  5. Looks great and I think the wonkiness will disappear after you square it up!

  6. This just makes it look more interesting! Very nice block!

  7. Your applique looks awesome. And I always love wonky :)


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