Stash Report 7/8/12

Got serious about destashing and attacked a box that has been so long in my way.  I put it in my way, so I'd do something with it.  Didn't work - has been in that spot almost a year, but finally I got to it, and I made 6 test string blocks from it.  You can read about it here  and here .  Oh, I did make a couple of charity quilts from this box when I first got it, but although they turned out 36" square, they used a miniscule amount of strings.  I swear they multiply at night!  As I rummaged I did find 1.35 yards to make a Christmas quilt - Woohoo, but the rest is going to be donated to another group that makes charity quilts, so there goes 6 yards of fabric in one copy paper box.  Here are my numbers:

Used/Donated last week:  7.35 yards
Used/Donated YTD:       94.19 yards
Added/Bought last week: 2.0 yards  batiks from a friend (not gift but purchase with batting)
Added/Bought YTD: 35.5 yards
Net Decrease YTD: 58.69 yards  Woohoo!  I'm ahead of my goal by almost seven yards.
How are you doing on your destashing?  Join Judy at Patchworktimes to let us know.


Denise :) said…
Wow! You're doing a fabulous job of stash busting! That's got to feel *really* good! :)
Kate said…
Great stash busting. Congrats on being ahead of your goal for the year.
Dar said…
Great stash numbers. I may have to take your approach and load of a box to donate. It's faster than trying to sew up quilts to donate- :).
krisgray said…
It was a good week for strings!