Outer Space?

I promised some readers I'd post firworks photos from our yearly city mountain show all in our backyard.  When I looked at the photos I got the feeling I was looking at objects in the sky seen by telescope.  Look at those gases coming from the supernova

Another exploding star

And just so you know these were taken by a terrestial - one with flash so you could see the jacaranda.

One of the big ones and another coming up!  That's a palm tree in the foreground.

I was going to take a pic of the Grand Finale - but I was so caught up in enjoying it, it was over before I remembered.


Great fireworks. We got to see about 3 that a neighbors on the next street over sent up. We have so many trees around the house we had to go down the driveway to see the sky. I had wet hair, a giant nightgown, and clogs on....giggle.
Laurie said…
I was wondering what our fireworks look like from an airplane...that'd be scary.