Design Wall Monday 6/25/12

This is just prepped.  And I need to add 5 circles (which I dread).  Hope to get rid of the rough edges around the curves as I needle turn this.  I think I'm going to make each block with a different applique technique and once and for all see which one I like (and likes me-LOL) as I make Anna's Garden.  The original was in reproduction fabrics, but I've decided to go a little brighter than that.  The central blocks are mostly 7" square finished.

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Sue Daurio said…
wow that is going to be a beautiful block. Love the colors you chose.
Sue's right! Great block. You are sailing right along with your applique. I'm doing a little sewing,but not too much.
Very cheerful and vibrant! Looking forward to seeing it done.
Threeundertwo said…
This is a beautiful block. I love the colors you chose. I've been thinking about doing this too - making blocks different ways to see which I like best.
LynCC said…
I really love the colors you're working with. Have you tried the back-basting method yet? I love that best of all. It seems counter-productive when you read about it, but in practice it's so much faster, more portable, and less frustrating for needle-turn applique. I still use my circle forms for circles, though - what are they called? Oh - "Perfect Circle templates" Well worth the cost, for me, at least.
Sarah said…
I'm way behind on blogs but I wanted to let you know that your flower colors are very fibrant. I like!