Fabric Tuesday/WOW

I helped with our local food pantry's yard sale - and amongst the things there was this:
Yes,  it is a mess - and this is after I washed it once.  But on the other side
 there is a lot of it that is not so bad at all!  It has a lot of interesting fabric. And it has a very interesting border I have not seen before on a Grandmother's Flower Garden.
Now I have to decide if I try to save a quarter of it or just some of the flowers, or if I should save any of it at all.  Some of the flowers seem to have just decinegrate, and the white is thin but holding up somewhat.  I am wondering also if I should salvage this by adding thin fusible interfacing or another layer of muslin.  What would you do.  As for the hexies, I plan to resew some by either ironing a piece of freezer paper to them and then  piecing, or using some of Beth Ferrier's disolvable template material.  What would you do?


What an interesting quilt. I have seen a border like that--on an older quilt in Illinois, many years ago.
Missy Shay said…
Part of it looks pretty bad, maybe you could make a table runner or placemats or something like that out of it? Was it is a fire or something?
Sue Daurio said…
Well that is certainly interesting...I have absolutely no experience in this sort of thing at all but was wondering if you could sew a muslin backing as well. It is very pretty. I do like the border. Wonderful find.
Debbie said…
Great find...Hope you are able to save it... Have you used the disappearing sheets? If so, how did you like them???
Connie said…
Look at all the work in that! I wonder if you could save parts of it somehow.
Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday
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I don't mind having old things with holes. If you can't save enough to use, maybe save some pieces to frame.
Esther Aliu said…
This is so charming, it's instantly attractive and one of those must have quilts.

I would try to save the flowers and then re-make the background. But if they are really beyond saving, maybe try to get a table runner out of it, it would be such a pity to lose it all.
Sarah said…
Yup - when I finally get caught up on your blog I find that you have indeed taken up quite the hexie project. I have never tried to repair an old quilt...it looks like just the edge and dirty area is damaged and mabye a little more on that "black" flower. If the white looks like it might hold I would try to repair what's missing or cut it off and add a new border treatment on that side. I also liked the suggestion of framing part of it.