Favorite Things Friday

 You're probably tired of my flowers, but I can't help it - in the summer I won't have any to show you - at least not of the annual kind. Here are the primrose in their full glory. The pink is so intense.  And so profuse!

I can't get enough of them!
Here's a closeup.  They would make a wonderful O'Keefe type quilt wall hanging.  Sadly in a plant sense, we had a heavy rain during the night and most of them are flattened, bu I have the  pictures!  Go on over to Shay's Favorite Things Friday.  Go to my sidebar so you can enjoy other's favorite things.


  1. I would never be tired of your flowers.

  2. the primroses are such a beautiful colour, I hope some of them survived the rain.

  3. Beautiful shots. Pink primroses are on of my favorites. We don't have many in OK, but when we lived in Texas they grew wild almost everywhere.

  4. I've told you before the only time I see a gorgeous garden is when I come to your place so please keep showing your flowers.

    Im hoping one of these days I'll be sufficiently inspired to plant something with colour in my own garden. The primrose is just beautiful. Nature sure does know how to turn on a show doesnt she?

  5. Oh I never ever tire of looking at beautiful blooms. I have never seen a Primrose before only read or heard about them in stories etc. So gorgeous and the colour is devine. They look really delicate. Thanks for sharing.


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