Applique Thursday 4/26/12

Life has been busy and it's so easy to get bogged down with other things that keep saying me next, me next. That's why I'm really glad for Applique Thursday because it gets me back to my favorite type of quilting.  This morning,  I pulled out the background and cut another square, found the magazine, am making copies and will soon begin transferring the design to the back of the square so I can begin back basting my fourth Jubilee Album block.  Too soon I'll have to move on to meetings, housework, bank errand and ??? will come up.

What are you sewing, quilting, knitting, etc?  Sure could use some eye candy of any kind at this time. Thanks!


  1. Posted my snowman and almost forgot to link it. That's really a cute flower pot.

  2. Life does get busy, especially when the weather gets nice. Have fun working on your 4th block!

  3. Thanks, Angie -- I love seeing everybody's projects!


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