Applique Thursday and More 3/15/12

Last year, Connie of Quilting by the River posted a great tutorial for a dish rug.  What is a dish rug? you ask.  Well it's for those bits and pieces that won't go in the dish washer, but not enough to warrant taking out the dish rack.  She made hers 18 x 20 - great way to destash.  Mine is 10 x 14 as the receipient has just that much space right of her sink.  And of course, I was able to add a bit of applique to this simply pieced item.  It is raw edge applique. The flower was adapted from a design by Esther Aliu.  She has a new BOM starting today.

What are you working on?  I love to see your eye candy in whatever stage it's in, and even if it's not applique.  TIA!


Connie said…
What a beautiful dish rug! I'm so tickled you made one, love the flower and Esther's designs are so neat!
Jennifer Woo said…
Very nice!! I love checking out what everyone else is doing but I have no camera at work today!! :( At least I can enjoy other people's work!!
Cute idea. I have started adding lots of recipes to my blog and find I am forever hand washing just a few dishes. I will have to make one of these soon. Thanks for sharing. Love your linky party and I signed up for Esther's too.
Love the dish rug. No sewing here for quite sometime. Off to check out your linky's.
Karen said…
Angie -- just love the dish rug - I need to make one up! Nothing worse than piling those steak knives and plastic items on the counter without the dish drain. This will do the trick !!

And thanks for hosting Applique Thursday!