Amongst the Thorns

It is overcast and chilly today, but yesterday, I took these photos to show you another of my favorite things friday when the sun was bright and warm upon us.  I save pics like these to brighten my day  as called for.  But, really, I'm not complaining - it's suppose to start raining late tonight and we so need it.  In fact, my husband said Monday before he started the rainbird:  "It's so dry even the weeds didn't come up this year"! Here is what I found amongst the thorns:

This one on the right is only an inch across.
These last little lovelies are only a 1/4" across!

I'm linking to Shay's Favorite Things Friday - on my sidebar.  What is your favorite thing today?


ritainalaska said…
sunshine is my favorite thing today! and we're having such a day! sparkles on the snow! are your gorgeous little cactii house plants? set out to catch the sun? i see the trays and pots ... do you raise them as a hobby and set them out in a dessert garden?
Karen said…
Beautiful Angie!

My favorite thing was "Grandparents Day" today -- spent quality time with two of our grandchildren, Angelina and Lucas. Now that makes my day !!

Love your pics !
Suzanne said…
Beautiful photos of your "posies". It has been a dry winter here in the Midwest as well, but the weather pattern is beginning to change. Should we do a rain dance?
Shay said…
Is there anything you cant grow? I think I need to pay you to come to my house and design a gorgeous garden.

Hmnnnnn if cacti are hardy maybe I should think about putting some in!
Wonderful photos! Did you change your banner? Anyway it looks good. I can barely read, I've been entering some of the giveaways and now I need sleep......
Mother Nature is such a 'show off' in the nicest way possible. Lovely photos Angie.