Design Wall Monday 2/6/12

On my design wall are two Just Takes 2 blocks - one completed and one cut.  For those of you doing this BOM, you can see I'm behind.  These are the last two from January. And the first batch for February are already post.  I'm not sure I will continue with this one.  I'm finding the instructions for the second set of blocks are not to my liking or I'm dense or ??  I couldn't paper piece one, so I rotary cut it and assembled.  Wasted precious background with that one.  Then this one of the fan - there were no templates for the half circle or the background piece and I had to wing it.  If someone who made these successfully could share how they did this, I would appreciate your input.  The schoolhouse is using the freezer paper method of construction.  That will be new to me also, but I"m willing to learn.  I hope to have that done soon.

What's on your design wall?  Go on over to Judy's Patchwork Times on my sidebar and see others.


  1. Hi there! I've seen people post about the Just Takes 2 project, but I hadn't actually explored it as I've got so much going on already. It looks pretty intense! It also looks like the Dear Jane person is spearheading it? I'm working on a Dear Jane, and I love having the book and software, but I have to say it can be rather disappointing as far as getting actual directions to put things together. Definitely a mine field for non-experienced sewers! A long way to getting around to saying: if that's the setting for the patterns for the Just Takes 2 blocks, don't feel bad if you're feeling stumped. ;D Wait - I just noticed - did you have to patch the background for the rays block? You did a great job of it!

  2. I think your blocks look great. However, if you are having problems; I'm so glad I didn't go there. You already know how I read everything backwards even if the directions are good.....grin.

  3. I really like your block! I'm not doing this BOM, sorry.

  4. I am not doing these blocks so I wouldn't be any help. I am not a big fan of paper piecing. HOpe you get it figured out.


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