Design Wall Monday 2/27/12

Made some BOM blocks yesterday.  The two on top are for a new Veterans quilt I will be making for our May guild challenge - just twenty blocks to make a wheelchair lap quilt.  We are making 60 and then delivering them to our local VA hospital.  The strip below is a Just Takes 2 block.  I'm no good at paper piecing.  This small 12" strip took me as long to make as a whole charity quilt top - one hour.  LOL.

What's on your design wall?  Go on over to Judy's Patchwork Times (on sidebar) and catch up on what others are up to.


The Thompsons said…
What a cool project for your guild!
Kim said…
That looks like the block Diane Harris from Quiltmaker mag designed :0).
I agree with the paper piecing....hate it and it just waste so much fabric.....I hope they don't keep this up in the patterns but of course for free we can't complain right?

Nice work and happy Sewing
Paper piecing does take a lot of time and a lot of fabric and then there's the paper...yuck. Love you blocks
I happen to LIKE Foundation Paper Piecing - and have my own way of doing it - backwards from most people. To each his/her own. ;))
LynCC said…
Yeah - it takes time, alright. (Yours looks terrific.) But I really love what it enables me to do, so I go through the motions. ;D Those blocks will make a neat wheelchair quilt.`
Maya said…
Those paper pieced blocks look so crisp. It is time consuming and a little wasteful of fabric but the end result looks so good - won't you agree?
Sue Daurio said…
What a great project for your guild, how wonderful. I do like paper piecing, just not to much of it. It's the accuracy that I love more than anything. Yours looks good.