Applique Thursday & More 12/15/11

Alas, no new applique here.  I've been swamped with things that needed doing like dentist, presentation at class, car servicing, Christmas shopping and finishing our two color quilt.  And I must quilt a sandwich for my DDIL, so haven't been able to trace another Jubilee Album block, but wait - had forgotten that I'd finished basting the second one!
And since it is my birthday today, I treated myself to an applique pattern I stumbled upon on the internet.

Here is Prickly Pear in Bloom by O Carol Designs.  It's an older pattern that I found at Alice in Stitches .  I know I"m going to be visiting Alice again.  She has such neat applique items.
Isn't it beautiful.  I'm making it for my cactus loving husband.
Would love to see a photo of what you'd like to do next.  It doesn't have to be applique. And it could be of what you are working on now or finished and I havent'seen.  I love eye candy.  It's very inspiring. You can link below.


  1. I really like the block you have basted. The cactus block is also beautiful. Are you gong to use the same colors?

  2. Yes, I plan to use the same colors as it is a true depiction of one of the Opuntia species. They have such lovely, coloful flowers. The most common color is yellow, and we have a most beautiful, soft apricot.

  3. Basket of flowers and a have been busy.

    Blogger is diving me crazy today....ughhh

  4. Wow very nice. That prickly pear is going to be gorgeous. No applique for me this week, no sewing so far this week. Maybe on the weekend.

  5. I very happy belated birthday. I hope your special day was great!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Hoping you had a very happy birthday. Love the cactus applique. Gorgeous colours.

  7. Oh, I do love that cactus pattern. That's exactly how that kind looks! Homesick. =)


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