Applique Thursday 12/8/11

So busy - it seems the more I try to do the more I have to do!  Not much done in the sewing room right now, but I did manage to unearth a yellow thread I felt was good enough to finish my black bird.  Here is a close-up of the way I machine appliqued it.
The flash accented the thread color.  It doesn't stand out that much in real life.  Yes, I did straight stich - just like our foremothers did long ago.

So this block is now done.

I'm still trying in the few minutes I can sneak into my room to desperately to finish my ufo.  I've gotten the four borders on and now am quilting them.

Will then just have the binding to do, phew!

Sure could use some eye candy about now to have a moment to slow down, sit back and admire your work - can be from a while back, in process, or wish list item.  Please share a link to your applique or any quilty work you are doing now at the blue link below.  Look foward to it!


  1. I love this bird! Let him fly to my house. No sewing going on here. We just been taking care of some of Big Mick's health problems that have popped up.

    I did sew on my snowman a few days ago. I'll try to post a picture.

  2. Beautiful bird and applique! I have nothing new to share this week but will try for next week!

  3. Your block is stunning! I've never tried applique, so I'm fascinated by the process. Thanks for sharing yours. It is truly beautiful. Good luck finishing the UFO. Happy FTf! ☺

  4. What a beautiful block! I've just started learning to applique so I'm in awe.

  5. That 's pretty amazing appliqué. There's nothing like a finish to lift your spirits.I;m in the middle of doing some binding at the moment - so of course yesterday I just had to start another new quilt.

  6. Awesome block! Applique is the most impressive of the quilting skills.

  7. Stunning block, you did a great job.


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