Fabric Tuesday 12/6/11

You're probably tired of seeing this one, but I have to post something, and my other WIPs are too big for me to photograph without DH, and he hasn't been around at good time to shoot outside. So this is still on my design wall; it's my fabric story for this week and one of my WIPs in progress. Maybe tomorrow I can get him to hold that big one I want to finish soon!  I've gotten a little bit further on my Jubilee Album block.  Just a few more pieces to baste and I can machine applique it.

Go on over to Judy's Patchwork Times, Fabric Tuesdays by Quilt Story, and Esther's WIPs on Wednesday to have your own show and share for now.  All those button are on my sidebar.  Enjoy!


Esther said…
No not tired of seeing this beautiful project, lovely applique. Can't wait to see your bigger WIPs too!
Love it! I haven't sewn for the last couple of days. Things at home are taking over...grin.
Maartje Quilt said…
See it for the first time and love it!!!