Shout Color Catcher Winners!

Hello!  First, thank you to the 16 quilters who left comments on this post.  Several already knew about this great product and I appreciated their comments.  Seems I'm not the only ones who likes these.  And Karen S uses them in her art quilts after they've saved fabric in the washer.  How green is that!

Okay, went to and got two numbers, so the winners are Helsie and Jodi!  Congratulations, ladies!  As soon as I get your snail mail address, I'll send you one to try.

Thanks for playing. 


  1. I know this after the fact but I love Color Catchers. I am one of those quilters that do not prewash fabric. Just wanted to share.

  2. Hi Angie..I sent you an email but just wanted to post that I received my Color Catcher. Well actually I just got back from being out of town visiting my grandson so it was in the mail waiting for me. I just can't wait to give it a try. Thanks again for the giveaway!!


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