Applique Thursday 10/6/11

In between all my commitments, I managed to squeeze in a few minutes here and there to work on my third owl.  He's all fused together - now I will have to find sit down time at my machine to stitch him down.  The pattern for this shop hop block came from Esther's Fabrics located in Washington state.  They were part of the 2010 shop hop - it's a big one!

Any applique to share?  I'd love to see a present or past project even a future one.  If it has piecing also - even better.  I love applique and piecing eye candy.  Leave a blog post or photo link below to your project.
Thanks so much.


  1. I havn't tried fused applique before, but could I ask to see a close up of your stitching on the applique edge when you are done doing it? I'm thinking I would like to try it sometime instead of the turned time consuming style.. there are so many quilts to be made in my mind. :)

  2. What a neat looking owl! Have fun stitching him!

  3. I made no progress today. I really love this owl!!! Maybe I'll design me an owl someday.

  4. That owl is gorgeous! My grandmother collected everything owl when she was alive..I made her several embroidery versions when I was a little girl. She surly would have loved this project!

  5. That's pretty - I really love the fabric you used on the wings!


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