Stash Report 9/11/11

I used 1/2 yd for the binding of the Soldiers' Angel quilt and the applique block I'm working on.  And somehow I've misplaced my rotary cutter - I only have one!! - so have not been able to cut up more fabric and continue with my projects.  So I went through a drawer in the guest room and found 6 and 1/2 yards to give away to the guild for their thrifty corner.  Here are my  numbers for this month:
Used/Donated this week: 7.00 yards
Used/Donated Yr to date: 65.62 yards
Added this wk: 0.0 yards
Total Yr to date Added: -11.0 yards
Total Yr to date Use: 54.62 yards

Not the way I want to destash but I did jump ahead.  In the coming weeks, I may have to be as realistic as today and get that stash down some more!

Go to my left sidebar and check out how others are destashing at Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. You have inspired me to start logging my stash reduction, too. I don't have it on my blog yet, but I'm starting to keep track. The really scary bit was estimating how much fabric I have in my stash. Blush!


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