Design Wall Monday 9/26/11

I'm posting this early as I'm off to Duarte again to babysit Lily.  Thank you for your prayers for Barbara. They moved her from Intensive Care to Critical Care, so that's good. 

Besides my coverlet, I now have my Fallen Dishes on my design wall.  The workshop was saturday, but I couldn't go with all the catch-up I had to do last week.  I did go pick up the kit and saw a lot of lovely table toppers being assembled.  I've finished the flimsey.  Now I'll have to take some time and think of what to do to it next.  The flower is raw edge applique; ditto the leaf.  The stem is sewn then flipped.  What do you think?  Not sure I'm happy with the border - thought the print might do as there is so much tan/brown in the squares.  Maybe it will grow on me. 

Go on over to my left sidebar and click on Judy's Patchwork Times button.  You'll find a lot of inspiration on those quilters' design walls.


bertiequilts said…
absolutely love the design... the border would probably be fine if it was half as big as it is now. It overwhelms the design and the design is really good with the colors.
ANudge said…
Thanks, Bertie - that was just what I was thinking. So I'm going to cut them smaller - an easy to do change.

Thanks for stopping by.
Donna said…
Great design. Not one I've seen before.
What a cute applique. You know I love brown so I think it looks great.