Applique Thursday 9/8/11

It's been so hot here lately, I haven't gotten much done other than sit in the living room and wait it out (yesterday's high was 107.8). Made a little more progress on my cherry tree block and in the morning I did manage to make a new mug rug while trying the back basting technique combined with machine applique. This motif builds on top of itself. I usually clip the layers as I go but didn't this time. How do you handle that?  Do you leave the multiple layers intact? Just wondering.

You're invited to leave a link below to your favorite applique project - a photo, a blog post, a pattern.  Love to look at your eye candy!


Mommarock said…
I'm so sorry you are feelin the heat.. we are FINALLY getting a well deserved break from it all. I didn't want to quilt too much during those temperatures, and now that we are getting a break, I am so busy with the start of homeschooling, and exhausted because we joined the local gym for our physical fitness class... (I'm old). It will take a while til I have the energy to get anything done other than school and sleep.. LOL
Your flower is so cute and your circles are looking great to me.
Bonni said…
I'm actually getting to where I should be finished with the July block for the Baltimore Album BOM by the weekend. This one is suppose to have purple lollipop flowers.