Fabric Tuesday 8/9/11

My chatelaine redo is done!  I first had to get a pattern for the square - it had to measure 3" square to fit in the space.  Then I had to make a copy of the logo that was 2 1/2" square to be centered in that space.  Fiddled with the logo on Publisher until I got it to the right size and then printed it out.  Then I had to cut it out very careful.  I then found a piece of batik in the color I wanted and ironed steam a seam to its back.  Then taking my template that I cut out, I traced the logo (a raincross) unto the steam a seamed fabric .  With very sharp scissors, I cut out my logo.  I took off the paper and fused it to the center of my 3" square.  Next I ironed a piece of freezer paper to the back of the square to be my stabilizer, and then zig-zag around the symbol with matching thread and bingo I had my square.  I was able to machine stitch one side but all the others had to be done by hand with a blind stitch.  Now I have to decide if I want to put any lettering on it.  I think I'll wait on that and see what others say.  Would be very small.  But our logo is very distinctive and I don't think there are any other guilds with this symbol so may speak for itself.  Oh yes, that's our pin on the right side over my name.

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  1. Love your fabric ! and a beautiful chatelaine.

  2. Nicely done! I like it. I think it is unique enough that you wouldn't need to add any lettering on it.


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