Design Wall Monday 8/22/11

My Scrappy Split Nine-Patch is assembled, quilted and trimmed.  I just need now to bind it and it will be done.  Later this week I hope.  On my design wall is a new scrappy block for me.  It is a block from a quilt in Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, May/June, 2011.  It's called tic tac toe  by Toby Lischko.  I like the quilt but am really taken with the "O" block.  So I decided to make it into a scrappy block and see what it was like that way.  Seems so Moorish to me.

I really, really like the center of this block and may rework another so that instead of building the block as shown in the magazine - somehow I'll do it in row fashion so that I can use a large center block instead of a 4-patch.  Then again I may need to study my scraps better and pick out more of them that fall better into the dark, medium, light categories.  Like that one with the birdhouses, now that I see it in the block looks too dark, should have been another medium like the green almost solid.  This may be a scrap block where you have to have bigger pieces to make it work.  We'll see.

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Kat Scribner said…
That's a pretty block, but 'o so many pieces! Now I'm off to find the pic of your scrappy 9-patches finished.
Great block! everyone is up so early.
ANudge said…
That's the other thing that attracted me to this block - the many pieces - good in a scrappy block. Off to sort scraps by value; dark, medium, light (that is what value is???)
lulu said…
I really like this block and the colours in it Angie