Applique Thursday 8/25/11 - One of First Efforts

Back from a wonderful two days babysitting my DGD, Lily, at my mother's house.  DS and DDIL took DGS2 to LegoLand - not a place for a 16 month old.  Here's our darling:

I couldn't believe 16 month olds could move so fast!  And she wanted to check out everything!  Nothing was safe.  Good thing Mom and I put everything below 30 inches away so Lily wouldn't take them apart.  She loves to push buttons, and dance.  I'll post about that later. 

As expected, no sewing got done, but I was able to photograph one of my first applique efforts.  It is a round robin my DD, DDIL, and I made for Mom.  It's totally made in flannel and the wonderful color scheme is due to my DDIL's wonderful eye for coordinating fabrics.  Check this out:

I hand appliqued the hearts on my first round.  When it came back to me for the second pass, I decided to do the applique border.  The vine is machine straight stitched and the flowers are hand appliqued.  Here's a close up.

Mom keeps it on one of her guest beds. 

As it's Applique Thursday, please add a link to an applique work you admire, are in the middle of finishing or any applique you'd like to share. Just click on the blue Add a link below.  It will walk you through how to do it.  So look forward to your eye candy!


  1. Nice borders. I need to move onto regular piecing and adding applique to the borders, make the entire quilt sometimes!!

  2. This is a beautiful piece! I love it scrappy piecing and applique. Would you quit showing me this stuff!

  3. Lovely little girl. And lovely quilt.

    Thanks for stopping at my blog. I'm so glad to find yours! I tried to link a photo to my dogwood quilt (I've been working on it for over a year now) but I got a funny little photo I never saw before instead. Not sure what I did wrong. I'll grab your blog button the next time I do an update on this quilt, which should be in the next week.

  4. She's sooooooo pretty. Maybe one day she'll be pushing buttons on a sewing machine....grin.


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