DJ Friday Not

I had made my fridays as a DJ workday, but it was not to be this last friday. My guardian angel, this time she was called Cecilia, called me at 11 on friday and asked what time to come for our co-op group (this is a group of ladies and we have been meeting for 33 years). Yikes, I told here usual time, 7:30, and put aside all sewing plans and cleaned the bathroom, living room, shopped for goodies and made dinner for DH. Phew - was done at 6:30 so got to sit down and applique a few leaves on my UFO - I wasn't up to figuring a DJ block.

So that was my friday - when I meant to show you a block. In place, here's a block a cyber friend made. She did good:  I love it, Billie.


You are too sweet. Thanks Angie.
Emily Nudge said…
Mom, you are too funny!

Love keeping up with you through your blog!