This WIP is done!

A while back I had a little guessing contest in which you were to guess what I was going to do with the fabric shown in the post.  Well, Billie won 2 fat quarters guessing that I was working on a rag quilt.  I did finish the top and took it to St. Ann's for someone there to snip it (that's the part I hate).  Dare did the job for us and washed it and I think it came out fine.  Our first rag quilt as a wheelchair lap quilt:
Turned out 34" by 46"  but not as a lap quilt after all.  The church was having a festival and asked each ministry for a donation to help in the raffle.  So we chose to donate the quilt and three of the ladies made up this basket:It consisted of the quilt, some Irish Creme, books, cookies, some chips, popcorn - a perfect, manly gift for a night of armchair viewing.