Jean Fix

Not quilting, but sewing and needed.  My eight year old grandson does a number to the knees of his jeans and as Mom is very busy with baby Alan, I'm delegated to the repair sewing patrol (although she is the better seamstress).
I viewed quite a few tutorials online at Sew What's New and Sew-Much-Ado and got the courage to proceed.

I cut the legs off the worst for wear jean, used the sort-of overlock stitch on my Bernina 130 and finished the edge, then just turned them up a half inch and hemmed them.  Used my free arm for a change on these.

Then I used the legs I cut off to cut patches for the other pair, applied Heat n Bond to them and then ironed them onto the legs with the holes.  I was going to use the free arm again and realized I wouldn't be able to do the vertical part of the patch.  So turned them inside out and opened the seam that looks more like a normal seam - the one without the top stitching - 3 inches above and below where the patch ends.  Then I could zig-zag around the patch with no trouble.  I redid the seam with first a straight stitch where it was before and then overlocked the edges.  They look pretty good, if I do say so myself. Now how long they last is another story.


  1. I put the patches on the inside for these jeans:

    It is so liberating to fix the old and not put them in the land fills! Good job!


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