In the Garden

It's raining, so I went to clean out our dry wall on the back side of our house for the runoff to drain away and saw these.
My yellow Lady Banks Rose is starting to bloom.  Guess she thinks it's Spring already.  I'll take her prognostication any day over that ground hog.

It's in the low 50s today - a 30 degree difference from last week when it was in the 80s - typical California weather - LOL.  And here is our adenium. It has bloom all winter long.


Diana Davis said…
I'm lovin seeing your flowers in the dead of winter! All you can see here in MI is snow, snow and more snow! oh yeah, and dirty snow too! LOL with sticks sticking out of it!
ANudge said…
ROTFL - Diana, that's why I put up with earthquakes to have this kind of weather. It's that or move to Puerto Rico.

You have a way with words.
judith said…
These are lovely,
and we can use more rain if it comes. But last week was a nice feeling from the cold.
Your adenium looks like Plumeria. Is that a variety.?
Astrid said…
Beautiful flowers in your garden! I can't complain about snow here in the tropics, we've had a lot of rain over the last week, which is so needed due to drought.