First Quilt to Tie

I dug in my stash and found a cowboy print and have put it together for the first quilt St Ann's Sewdality will tie.  It will measure 36" square.  I've got the rows done and guess it will go up on my wall til I can get back to it.  Must think of a backing. I'd like to find something that we could just bring to the front and bind it that way.

Do you think a toddler would like this?  The pregnancy center takes things for up to three years of age.


  1. I do think a toddler would like it. It is so hard to find a quilt that is suitable for a little boy. This is certainly perfect for that. What little boy hasn't played cowboys?

  2. I think it's perfect for a little boy.

  3. look at this website to make a backing that will be wide enough to be able to turn the backing to the front.

    Flynn Quilt Frame Company

    John’s sister Joan, called him one day because she had a piece of fabric which wasn't quite long enough to cut in half and sew back together with a vertical seam to get a quilt back. Her idea was to cut the fabric in to two big triangles along the diagonal, offset the triangles along the diagonal cut to get the width she needed and then sew them back together. It worked great!

    There's a PDF with the HOW TO on the page linked above

  4. I would sew the backing on, right sides together, then "birth it" by turning it inside out and sewing the opening. Then you can tie it once it's all smoothed out. Makes for a much quicker quilt than having to bind it.

  5. Of course you would have your batting layer, too. Quilt top right side up then backing right side down and batting on top.

  6. I'm sure a toddler would like it, and I agree with Veronica: do it that way. :)


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