The Runner Done

Actually, I finished this Sunday night as our favorite program wasn't on and had an hour to finish it.  Yep, this went together in a snap, but I did have to bury a few threads today, so I went ahead and call it finished today.  Took 2 fat quarters and cut four 9" blocks.  Made then the Rotary Cutting Revolution way (I love Anita Solomon's techniques). Assembled three and the fourth just cut it with no stitching (I'm loving this kind of construction).  The fourth block was used to make the points.  And here it is finished: 
It measures 10 x 40 and is for a family member for valentine's day.  I continued the flower theme in the block quilting motif:


  1. It is beautiful Angie, I love the design. the quilting is delightful and whimsical. You must tell me what the Anita Solomon way is.

  2. Turned out lovely Angie. Is that the one you promised me???................grin.

  3. Great table runner, I'll have to look into Anita Solomon. Hard to believe you've already got Valentines day gifts finished!

  4. Wow! You are just amazing! Quilted and everything already? It looks GREAT! Goodness, thinking ahead to Valentines day already.. I havn't even wrapped my Christmas presents yet.. probably should get on that before the kids peek.


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