A Newborn

Yesterday, Dec 20th was our baby's actual due date (I know that is approximate) but we're using it to mark his progess.  Little Alan Vincent is no longer a preemie.  We can now call him a newborn.  And today his mom dressed him in newborn clothes as he has outgrown preemie clothes - right on schedule.  At left: holding hands with grandma in hospital. Then home at 9 days at a tiny weight of 4 lbs, he's now closing in on 6 pounds five weeks five days from birthdate.


Mommarock said…
Ohhh, he is just darling! Congratulations Grandma!
Sweet picture. You are going to spoil him are you???? GRin.....of course you are.

Oh what a great photo! Happy birthday little one! :-)
Emily said…
My mom is one of the best Grandmothers there ever was! Even better than a mom - but only by a tiny bit. :)
judith said…
Glad to hear of this great joy .. :~)
Lauradublin said…
My darling nephew Conor was born at exactly 25 weeks weighing less than 1 lb in 2008. Even the premie clothes were huge on him. Happy to say he is now running around the place so I know exactly how you feel with your newborn being able to wear regular clothes. Congratulations!!!!