What a difference a few weeks make:

I hope you can see the difference:  My baby, Emily,  was 5 months here:
and now she is 6 months here.  Please say a prayer for her or keep her in your thoughts.  DGS Will came 9 weeks early and no one knows why.  It's good that she already weighs more now than she did when she went into labor for Will.  I'm hoping that is a good sign.  They're having another boy.

Two new babies in the family in the same year! First precious Lily in April and now BB in Dec.  They haven't picked a name yet, however Conan and Vincent are on the list.

I'm going to be a busy grandma!


Astrid said…
You are in my thoughts, and I hope everything goes well. Indeed, busy grandmother - you'll have to make a quilt for them all! :)
judith said…
My daughter is having a boy as well in Dec. Congrates and praying.