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I help with a group that makes Crisis Pregnancy baby quilts and a friend, thank you Deanna, graciously gave me for them, two boxes of baby material for the next sewing session. It's great stuff. One box is full of strips. I grabbed a handful and made this:

It measures 37 square.  My job is to make the quilt tops - there are others who do the other steps, so I'm counting this as a finish.


Anonymous said…
Hello! Angie,
This is wonderful!! And, I'm happy you're able to use the fabric strips!
'Love your quilt!! And, I know it will go to a little one in need!
Thanks for sending!!
Astrid said…
Thanks for sharing this! Love your quilt, and "lucky you", don't have to do the final finishing! :)
ANudge said…
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ANudge said…
Thanks, Pam - just tried to get the feel of a quilt at Moda bake shop call Lawn Chair quilt - it called for all white background and narrower strips - I used what I had. May try it again.
lulu said…
Love all those greens Angie, any baby will be happy with the bright colours. I am at the other end of the charity process, I quilt them and add on the binding for the charity arm of my guild.