Any Birders out there?

Sitting at my computer, working on a website I am responsible for our guild, I heard a sound besides the crickets that are the normal background to night's here. I had not heard this in a long time.  Some kind of owl?  We heard them when we first moved into the house over 40 years ago, but not recently.  Does anyone know what it is?  Listen:
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Please leave a comment if you know. Thanks!


  1. A couple of questions, and I'll try to help! Where abouts to you live? What habitat type? And when did you make the recording? That info will really help narrow down the info!

    Fall can be a tough time to ID birds by sound. In addition to having the "normal" songs, juveniles begin practicing their voices, and while they come close to dad's call, they don't do it right yet. Also, most birds migrate at night, and may sound off as they fly, so unusual sounds can be heard as they fly overhead on their way to wintering grounds.

    I checked burrowing owls on my favorite birding site, and that call is not one they have. The only sound I've heard them make myself is their rattlesnake mimic alarm call. And neither of those sounds is what you linked above. (Not that it didn't come from one!)

    Fun game. And very awesome use of technology!

  2. Well, it is a Western Screech Owl. I went to a birding forum and posted my question. Two responders told me it was that. Then I went to the Cornell Ornithology lab and put in the name and listed to the bird call, and yes, that's the one. LOL - I tried it before I posted on the forum, but there are so many bird and their calls on that website, I knew I could never get through all of them.

    Thank you, Birders, for pinning this night bird down for me.

  3. I don`t but it was just too cool to listen to. thanks to nudge for letting us know through investigation


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