When Needs Must....

I'm slowly assembling a set of Shop Hop blocks that my daughter's mother-in-law (thanks, Gail) brought me this summer.  The one I was working on was a spider web pattern and you needed to cut the segments into  60 degrees triangles.  Somehow I used the wrong ruler and came up with an octogon -LOL, and since I didn't  catch it until I was trying to assemble the block --Yikes!.  Got to remember that saying:  Measure twice, cut once.  With no extra material, I had to fix it or go missing a block.  So I assembled 4 segments and cut a straight diameter, did the same with the 4 others, and sewed the two sections together.  Then I got a piece of paper and placed the octogon on top of it and drew the shape of it.  I then cut out each piece around the shape in the background and got this.  It was only after I ironed it that I noticed one piece was wrong side out.  Well it stays that way now!  Putting the ruler over it to cut out a 8 1/2" square I saw I had to add a few more pieces to have enough background to do so.  Good thing I've made a ton of crumb blocks - that experience came in handy for this one.  So I finally cut it and came up with the block.  It ain't perfect, and isn't exactly centered (something I forgot to do when I was
drawing the paper pattern), but now I feel I just may
be able to attempt a Ruth McDowell block. I look forward to that!

PS:  you'll see this and others on my Design wall next monday.


  1. good save angie! I have started to finish tops that have hung around here for years because of
    missing or incorrect blocks ... or, lost pattern. now, I guess I had better quilt some of them. I guess we get braver as we get less young!

  2. Despite the troubles you encountered along the way, your block is beautiful! You inspire me so with your beautiful work and dedication to completing your UFOs. Keep up the great work.

  3. Oh Oh so many problems on the way! But in spite of that, the block looks really beautiful. I've never seen that block before, as I can recall, interesting.


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