Design Wall Monday 8/23

Actually, this is coming off my design wall as I finally appliqued the border, sandwiched it, and quilted it.  Here is my new Koi Fish Bowl which I first put up on the wall on 8/2.  This was a Connecting Threads kit I got a few years ago and so it is UFO#14 done.  Dang, I have to learn to make better circles.  Someone said to use avery circle labels - I'll have to look into that, otherwise, I'm happy with it.  I'll have it out in October as it is the right colors even though I am not a "Halloween" person myself.  You can't see it, but the border lines are completed by the quilting - I repeated the corners with just quilting lines duplicating the curve of the bias line.  And here's the back:

There's a short story about it.  I bought the material at a yard sale.  Found it in a pile of clothes - it was a scrubs top.  I liked the fabric so much I went ahead and bought the top for 25 cents.  The back was just the right size for this project which happens to be 18" square.  I like both sides of this one.


Charlene S said…
It is the right colors for October and I can understand about not being a Halloween person. But it is perfect for that time of year. I can see why you loved the back.
AnnieO said…
Very striking! I love the backing, great "Green" recycling job and charming idea with the quilting continuing the bias. Congrats on another UFO buster. I have so many that need busting here too!
Sharon said…
Great finish! I like the Koi Bowl and the back is great too. Sounds like you've got the "finish" bug - good for you! I wish I'd catch that bug! *grin*
Very cool! Such a good use of re-purposed fabric :)
Nina-Marie said…
Wow - color me jealous that you finished a UFO!! Great job!
Josh Healy said…
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It's so funny about perspective... I don't see anything wrong with your circles. LOL

Great job on your finish!