Design Wall Monday 8/2

I have to stop this, stop this now.  Here is another block on my design table that will have to be ufo #14.  My ufo 13 needs a big back still, my dresden plate coverlet needs bias and my mod quilt needs finishing the quilt top.  LOL when will I learn to stop starting before the finishing.

Well, anyway this is a smallish wall hanging from connecting threads.  It is 18" square. I have the top done.  I just need to add the applique in the border and quilt it. Hope to get this done this week so I can get back to the others.


  1. I love the happy fish in your fish bowl. It may be organized to finish one thing before starting another, but it isn't anywhere near as much fun.

  2. I love the fish bowl. Now I want to make one, which of course would add to my list of UFOs. It's always fun to play with something new.

  3. yeah, YOU stop and I'LL stop. Deal!


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