Another attempt at cool kitchen

Well here is Will with our latest attempt to eat our cake and keep cool.  This chocolate cake was made from scatch and baked in the microwave.  Will wanted icing so I defrosted and used the last of the blue icing I had left over from his birthday cake.  It rose almost a good 2 " .  We were delighted.  Since it was close to dinner, we decided to be good and wait to have it for dessert.

After dinner, I got plates , forks and cake server out and brought on the cake.  I gave the knife to Will to cut this first piece since he had helped me bake it.  He placed the knife carefully in the center and proceeded to slice.... and got nowhere except to a surprised look on his face.

We were rolling on the floor then laughing.  In the hour that cake had sat, it did what a lot of people claim from microwaved baked goods - it got almost as hard as a hockey puck!  Well, I was able to cut us both a slice after we got through wipiing the tears away.  Will got the bright idea to dunk it in his milk.  I just went for it.  "Grandma", it tastes good even though it's hard," Will said.  I just agreed. As he ate the crumbs, he tried to make me feel better.  ""Grandma - I didn't know we were making those hard things Auntie likes.

He meant biscotti - and you know he is right.  It did taste like biscotti, so I cut some up and wrapped in plastic and will go back to square one on the baking cake in a microwave.  PS:  I think I just cooked it too long so we will try again soon - LOL.


  1. What wonderful memories you both created with the baking of the cake!


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