Spring in Bloom

Spring has arrived in Riverside. We've been having mild days with sunny skys and brisk breezes to keep the days from getting hot. My seeds are sprouting ever so slowly (no rain to speak of), but two perennials are making a fine show in our front area. Here are a cascading bridal wreath and a bougainvillea. I may have to start some seeds in pots cuz it's hard to keep the bed moist for the 7 -14 days it takes for them to germinate, and then I'm off to Puerto Rico in 4 weeks so how would my little fledgelings do?


  1. That bridal wreath is just gorgeous. My neighbor has one and I get to enjoy seeing it every spring. I also have three bougainvilleas, red, purple and hot pink but for some reason the one facing north won't bloom. I've been told it may not get enough sun. Going to Puerto Rico wow how fun. Enjoy yourself. By the way my oldest son lives in Los Angeles.Thanks for following me.

  2. Thank you for following, too. When I went to Hawaii, I found that bougainvilleas grow wild there, or should I say native? And yes, it may not have enough light to bloom, but surprisingly, sometimes they don't bloom if they are getting too much water.


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