From a Distance

I've finished another quilt - my first UFO for the year. If you are new to quilting - ufo means unfinished object, and boy, do I have a lot of those. My goal this year is to finish 12 of them. One a month, and I'm already 3 months behind so I'm going to have to go into high gear here. I call my latest "from a distance" because from a distance 'the quilting doesn't look too bad - LOL. I consider myself still a novice quilter and this one because of the size and the fabric was a real challenge. It is for my friend, Torre. She gave me the cross stitched blocks, my mom assembled the top. I then removed 2 blank middle squares and added 2 more cross-stitched ones in their place and then quilted it. The back is all white except for the binding - kind of looks like a whole cloth quilt. Book-wise, have been doing my schedule C and all that entails, so no time for reading. In my kitchen garden, I have freesias in bloom, the chrysanthemums in bud, a stock blooming, white geranium, alyssum, felicia, and one lovely rose all in bloom. Spring is here in Riverside. Has Spring reached you yet?


ANudge said…
Thank you, Karen. She loved it when I gave it to her. She was very surprised. LOL well, it had been years since she gave me the blocks. Will post done UFO soon - that makes 2 for 09.