Two Flimsies

Here are two more flimsies I've recently made.  Why do I make flimsies?  I belong to a church group that makes quilts for low income, first time mothers.  Some of my sister members have a hard time getting past making blocks and so I help out by making them a top that they can then sandwich, quilt, and bind.  This gives them something to present during our Show and Share part of our meetings.  Besides, I love to design and make blocks to turn into tops.  Although I like all aspects of putting a quilt together, the making of the tops is my favorite.

Here are the two I've finished recently:

36" square, made from blocks I acquired in block swaps about 5 years ago.

This one is already finished. Took pages of a fabric book and made a Winnie the Pooh quilt - also 36" square.

What are you up to??  Leave me a comment and I'll visit and reciprocate. Blessings!


  1. The stars and churn dash made a great flimsy and a nice finish on Winnie. xx

    1. Thank you, Lin! It was fun to make. I worried about how I could add a nursery print in there and then I found the Warner Bros babies.


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