It's Not From Scraps!

I was thinking about doing the May Table Scrap Challenge -thinking is all I do what with my mobility problem - and decided I really, really had to make me a new ironing board cover as I had burned, spotted, ripped the one I had. I went to order one and they were way too expensive, too depressing, just too too! I mentioned this to my Super Seamstress daughter and she came up with a plan:  deconstruct the entire cover, use the parts to make the new one. And that's what we did. Used the batting, the elastic, the binding. The batting made a perfect pattern for the fabric.
So I got to work. I wanted to use the letter suggestions for the Table Scrap challenge, so I used floral. Found a piece of fabric from my stash and, voila! here is my new ironing board cover:

 and here is what I got rid of:

It's not a table scrap, but it is floral and necessary for my sewing projects as I get ready to make the June Table Scrap Challenge.  Go here to see all the other projects for May at The Joyful Quilter. And I happened to use the right color for the Scraphappy Saturday. Go here to see those projects!


  1. That's great, Angie! You reused the batting, elastic, and binding... totally scraps. Thanks for finding a way to use the May ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge letter prompt in your project, too!

  2. And what a gorgeous floral fabric you found! So beautiful! Why do we always wait until the cover is completely disgusting before changing it? Don't we deserve a new cover more often? I think we do! The last time I changed mine, I did use the same binding and cord (no elastic). It made the sewing go so much faster. You did an excellent job. Enjoy it! ;^)

  3. Hi Angie, what a great project - I did the same thing with my ironing board cover. It's a great way to use up fabric and make something, oh so useful!


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