Some of This; Some of That - 6/21/20

Hello, a day late but here I am now.  Keeping busy as usual.  I mailed a signature block to a friend who is collecting them - I forgot to take a photo.  Also made a block for the Facebook group - Quilt Block Lottery - took the place of Block Lotto.  Here's the June Block:

Finished Month One blocks of the Arrow Rock Sampler.
Month Two arrived and I've started the first block - will have to make 5 this month.

Figured out how I want to lay out my crab quilt.  Here's the first row I made:
I worked on my secret project also, and finally started quilting the border of that UFO. I might have it done by the next post - that would be great!

As to 15 Minutes to Stitch:
15 minute days/week = 3/7 days
15 minute days/June = 16/20 days
15 minute days/2020 = 145/171 days
Success rate = 84.79%

And for destashing used 0.3 yd for those blocks - all scraps which gives me a YTD total of 12.86 yds .

What have you been up to?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by and see.  Linking to Design Wall Monday, Sunday Stash Report, and 15 Minutes to Stitch.   Blessings to you all. Please wear a mask and stay safe.


  1. I love the block for the June block lottery, very pretty and interesting block. Do the little squares finish at 1"? Happy stitching!

  2. The Arrow Rock Sampler is really cool! You've been doing well at working in the stitching days. Have a great week.

  3. What a lot of very pretty projects. Your crab blocks look great. I've seen a few around, but I like the way your first row looks. That arrow sampler looks really interesting, too. I like the first set of blocks. I'm not on FB, or I would join the lotto. That block looks like fun.


Thank you for stopping by. It's always nice to hear from you. I try to reply to each and every one of you, but sometimes life gets in the way. I hope you understand. Blessings.

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