Some of This; Some of That

Let's start with the positive stuff. I was able to put in 15 Minutes to Stitch every day this week because I'm still sheltering in place.  I only go out about once every ten days usually just to use the car.  Surprisingly, most days it doesn't bother me to be home with DH doing things around the house, or reading, or quilting, or gardening, or working on a jigsaw puzzle,
Here's the one we just finished.  You know it's hard when you have to use a magnifying glass to check color changes.

or a little housework. Notice what came last.  Some days I wonder if this is what (in a very loose way) cloistered nuns feel when they dedicate themselves to a cell for days on end.  I'll have to research that. My numbers now are

15 minute days/week = 7/7 days
15 minute days/May = 15/16 days
15 minute days/2020 = 121/137 days
Success rate = 88.32%

Now for the destashing.  I made two masks for my BFF.  Here they are:

They only took 20 minutes each, and used up .39 yd.  I also made a "4 in a 4 in a 4" as shown on Em's Scrapbag.  That used up 0.53 yd.  

Then I made three  more crabs - I'm up to 4 - for another 0.17 yd. So my new total is 11.23 yds I may have to halve my desired total for the year to 50 yards to come anywhere near a goal.  

So what else is new? Well that scrap snapper baby quilt top is a flimsy now and off to the "to be sandwiched pile".  You can see my four crabs above it.

I'm still quilting that UFO and hand stitching my facing on my No Greater Love quilt.  I should be done with that this evening as I don't have much more to do - less than one edge. 

Take care, be safe - please continue to wear a mask and socially distance, now especially as we move slowly toward normal.  This is a ever mutating bug and it will be a while til we have a vaccine.

Blessing to you all.  I'm linking to Design Wall Monday, Faith and Fabric Quilt AlongSunday Stash Report, 15 Minutes to Stitch, and Oh, Scrap!.  Come on by.


  1. Wow! Look at that puzzle. Are you going to treat it and then hang it up on the wall or what? it deserves that I think. :) Good going on getting 15 minutes in each day. I'm moving in 9 days so 99% of my stuff is packed up. Can't wait to start retirement, get moved, and then get some stitching time in. In the meantime I get to see your creations for inspiration.

  2. Saw some mask for sale in some Dr. Who fabrics, etc. for $17.99. Wow.

  3. You've used your stay a home time very productively. The masks for BFF are fun. Congrats on all the stitching progress and stash usage.


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